The Story Of The Love That Led To….


A Short Simplified Story Of Love And Death.

A tragedy; one of which you only get bits and pieces of.


July 2014 Pentwater, MI. They meet for the first time.

June 2017 Lowell, MI. The unimaginable tragedy happened. It was the end.


July 2014 Pentwater, MI: The First Meeting

Mary and Francis were camping with their friends and family. However, both of their families were best friends so Mary saw Francis a lot that weekend. They made eye contact multiply times that weekend. Mary has a boyfriend. Francis is a playboy. Here is the story of how Mary and Francis fell in love and how the unimaginable tragedy happened.

It was the weekend of the 4th actually precisely the night of the 4th when Mary and Francis had their first face to face connection. They were both drawn to each other like a bumblebee and flowers. The connection was weird they hung out and talked for hours that night. They talked like they knew each other for years. The next day came along and Mary and Francis didn’t speak again for 6 more months.

January 2015 Lowell, MI: The Second Meeting

Mary had broken up with her boyfriend 6 months ago at this point. Mary was tired of trying with guys and finally an idea came along to fix this problem. See a long time ago Mary and her friend of many years made a deal that if they both couldn’t find happiness in a certain amount of years they would try to find happiness together, what could go wrong? The two started talking, every day for 2 months until January 2015. Luke (the long time friend) invited Mary to a party he was going to, she said yes so he picked her up and on their way they went. 10 minutes into the party Mary see’s Francis. Mary didn’t know Luke and Francis had became best friends nor did she know she was at Francis’s house. Anyways Mary was one to do her own thing at parties, she loved meeting new people so she left Luke’s side. She ended up at Francis’s side that night. Mary and Francis shared their first kiss that night.

January 2015 Lowell, MI: The Morning After

Mary went home the night before. In the morning she shared with Luke what happened with Francis. Luke ended things for good this time and said it’d be better to just stay friends. Mary was heartbroken, but at the same time she was torn between two guys. In just a short amount of time she had fallen in love with not just one person, but two. Mary tried her best to get Luke back, but she realized it wasn’t going to happen. Well Francis began Snapchatting Mary that day as well. Mary ended up sharing her number with Francis and they talked on the phone all day every day. They would hang out at school, after school, at sporting events, just all of the time in general. This went on for a solid month until Francis decided to finally pop the question and ask Mary out on a date. She said yes.

February 2015 Kentwood, MI: The Date

Both Francis and Mary worked a lot so their first date actually ended up being on Valentine’s day at 11pm after the both got out of work. They were determined to go out so the went to IHOP that night. This is when the love started. The two of them started connecting for real and it was certain that they would love each other until the day they died. Time to skip forward.

March 2015 Lowell, MI: True

Mary and Francis were so strong together they had monthly “breakfast” dates for their anniversaries. They spent every waking minute together. They were inseparable. Their love was so strong that it made others want to love. Those two had a love that awakened the soul. A love that was inevitable. A love that brought peace to everyone’s mind. They chose each other without pause, without doubt and in a heartbeat, they forever chose one another. Then one day forever came to an end.

June 2016 Belding, MI: The First Heartbreak

Francis started acting weird towards Mary in June of 2016. She knew something was going on with him, but she was so in love that she didn’t want to think of the worst thing possible. Him not being interested in her. She ignored this feeling for a month and still let Francis treat her poorly until one day she couldn’t take it anymore and broke down and asked him. “What’s wrong, do you not love me anymore”. His response, “Yes, but I have feelings for another girl”. Mary asks, “who”. Francis says,”I don’t want to hurt you so I don’t want to tell you”. Mary begs him to say as she’s crying profusely. “I have feelings for your cousin”. Mary thought for a second and realized that Francis met her cousin back in September 2015 at a wedding for her other cousin. Mary came to find out that Francis has been talking to her cousin since September of  2015 and that her perfect love story was a lie. From that day on Mary and Francis tried working on things, but they never got better.

July 2016: Suicide

Francis broke up with Mary. He didn’t break up with her for the cousin. His friends came home. His friends of bad influence and talked him out of being interested in Mary. They talked him into living the bachelor life. They talked him into a fucking spree. Francis broke up with Mary and said to her this reason, “I want to sleep with other woman, I want to experience what it is like with many other woman”. Mary was devastated and became so depressed, even suicidal. She had nothing left in life because she thought she had met the love of her life. Francis went on vacation with other woman and rubbed it in Mary’s face that he was apparently fooling around with others. Mary didn’t know what happened to the man she once loved. Later on that week Mary tried committing suicide. She would have been successful if it weren’t for her two friends catching her and saving her. She never went to an institution her family was to proud to have that happen so she went out of state for two weeks to live with family and to forget that she had been hurt so bad. She had to quietly think to herself that she wasn’t good enough. She believed she wasn’t good enough until he came back.

August 2016: The Return

After the suicide attempt and the never ending depression Francis came back. Mary took him back. Mary forgave all of the stuff he put her through, all of the rumors he spread about her, all of the things he said to her, she forgave. She loved him and all that mattered was he returned to her. Things were great for the next month. Then October came and Mary found out that Francis had been cheating on her. She apologized for making him feel like he needed to cheat and she forgave him. This day forward they never went on dates, they barely talked, and she was depressed even more. She never let it show though. She left for college and came back every weekend to see him. She was so unhappy. She put up with him being an ass for months. She hid everything because she was so in love and didn’t want to lose him again. A few months later he cheated again. She tried walking away, but he talked her into coming back to him. A month later they called it quits for good and she continued to act like she was living the happiest life one could like.

June 2017: The Tragedy

Mary was exhausted. She was tired of the games. She was tired of the cheating. She was tired of looking stupid. She had such a good heart though she wanted to stay friends with Francis. She was nice, invited him places, and talked him up to people even after all he did. Francis was an asshole to her every day. She continued to try though. Then one day he said he’d be friends only if they were “friends with benefits”. Mary said ok. They slept together a couple times after that until she called it quits. She didn’t want to spend anymore time with a guy like him. She knew she was foolish and was tired of letting her feelings be in control. A few weeks later his brothers graduation party came about. Mary went, she was obligated to go since she had been close with that family for 2.5 years now. She went, heartbroken with a smile on her face. Francis wasn’t there. He showed up after the party very drunk and with a few friends. At this point Mary was face timing a friend behind her vehicle and Francis came up to her drunk as can be and said, “Mary, I’m going to Marry you one day. You know why because I love you and you are my favorite.” Mary just went on with her conversation and pretended she wasn’t heartbroken. Twenty minutes later she goes back to the party to see Francis introducing another girl to his family. Mary asks to speak to Francis. She asks, “Are you with that girl. It’s only been one month..” He says, “Yes I am with that girl. Actually, I’m using her to get over you.” Mary stated that she hated him and removed him from her life for good. Mary committed suicide two weeks later.


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